Sector:    Furniture Design
Client:      Wildwood
Year:        2017


Approached by the Austrian furniture manufacturer Wildwood, the set of coffee tables 'Celinde' was developed as a strategic solution for the brand to reach a new design-oriented, urban clientele. Through target market analysis we created a tailored product that celebrates urban coffee culture: a set of side tables, consisting of a crossed foot construction and a flat wooden plate that functions as a serving tray. When tray is placed on the frame, it self-centers by gravity. Thus the user is guided by the object while focusing on the served items. As the company concentrates mainly on e-commerce distribution, the products should be flat packable and very easy to assemble. Thus, the frame can be put together by hand only, using a single screw.


The product should be very simple to assemble for everyone. In order to be able to find the hole for the nut on the underside without turning over the feet construction during assembly, we decided to use a knurled nut which can be turned and tightened with the hand only. We choose hardware made out of colorful anodized aluminum, brass or stainless steel to embrace construction, instead of hiding it.


The final furniture pieces are made intirely out of solid european ash wood, coated with colourful PU lacquer. The wooden structure remains visually and haptically experienceable.


Moserhofgasse 7a
A-8010 Graz

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