Sector:    Tableware Design
Client:      MEISTERdesign
Year:        2015


Since smart devices came available in the 2000s we increasingly integrated them into our personal lives, our jobs, our daily habits. They play an essential role in our daily communication and handling them became a new need. We have to find new ways of arrangement and integration for us to utilize the their full workflow potential. In order to gain visibility and order we developed a desk organizer which displays smart devices next to notebook screens and desktop monitors.


The bottom is covered with a soft synthetic black felt to prevent it from scratching soft surfaces. A small edge was milled, one one hand to optically lift the object from it's surroundings and on the other hand to cut flush excess felt during the manufacturing process. The title of the event was laser-engraved into the side.

Sector:    Packaging design
Client:     MEISTERdesign
Year:       2015


To be able to effectively ship and deliver the product to the customers, we were further commissioned to design a packaging solution for it. By simplifying the basic shape of the stand we created a logo which occurs all over the packaging.
The cut out logo on the top resembles the product and gives the customer the opportunity to see and feel the actual product before opening. Since the structure and color of the wood is never the same the customer can get an idea of what is inside the box. This playful approach supports building up the relationship between the customer and the product.


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