We are an analytical design agency specialized in creating conscious, sustainable products. Establishing emotive bonds between human and object is our science, leading to immersive spaces and unique product experiences.



An original idea at the core is the beginning of a process that leads, via market analysis, design, construction and prototyping, field testing and implementation, to a uniquely pratic, economic and novel symbol of value; a product that equips companies for the future.


If something special is desired in the architectural context, we offer design services from the first sketch to the completed customized work. Designs for immersive room experiences, unique business premises and private residential projects are brought to perfection  by  our powerful network of local partner companies .


Products often require intelligent packaging solutions that not only protect the product but also fascinate people and arouse their curiosity. Next to packaging design we also offer book- & catalouge design and brand communication measures.


As a 'Cradle to Cradle' certified design agency, our focus on materials research leads us through the history of resource mining and manufacturing to sustainable and future proof approaches and concepts. Our sustainability strategy of manifesting a deep relationship between man and the manufactured object has made product semantics our second field of research.