Sector:    Furniture design
Client:     Design study
Year:       2015


These furniture pieces aim to transform the geometrical two-dimensional language of the suprematism artstyle into a new, contemporary three-dimensional form. The triangle becomes the pyramid, the rectangle becomes the rectangular prism. They try to manifest a conclusion for the current trends of geometry and minimalism in the design industry by their radical reduction on shape and colour. On the other hand, through this process the furniture pieces become something independent, far away from the trends they reflect. This opens space for new, different approaches to design to follow in the future.

"Nowadays people are increasingly visually and materially oversaturated. So the topic of "putting to 0" is more relevant than ever before."


Based on the triangle, first sketches were made. In case of this desk, a few triangles should only be defined by their outlines, others by their colour-filled surface. Using triangular shapes for the feet construction should also provide highest stability dispite of the "outlines" being as thin as possible.


For the development and examination of stability and proportions, scaled models were made. In addition, a three-dimensional computer model was created to examine angular measurements.


After finishing the design and drafting, Lukas Klingsbichel manufactured the furniture piece as a unique piece. The carcass was made of 19mm mdf panels, which were processed by a 5-axis CNC station. The desk top is made of a very durable 8mm compact resin sheet; often used in fassade construction. The static feet constructions were made of welded and powdercoated 8mm stainless steel rods. They were glued by their 3D - lasercut, flush sitting mounting plates to the carcass and desktop by using a structural glue, used in the automotive industry.


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